en plus, Givenchy

    I found this Givenchy shirt a few weeks ago, and right away it got on me that it was my favorite shirt pick from the last Fall. Gold and sheer black silk works always so well, and these inserted studs on the cuffs and in the front make this shirt perfect. The fact of discovering that it had the enough length to wear it as a dress was that plus needed to decide the piece was worth for the closet (I wonder why do I always have to find this excuses to cheer myself up, do you happen to do this?) 
    Anyway, it's monday, and it feels fair to find things to cheer you up. In my case, I did it with eating topped strawberry nutella crepes, coffee, and  watching the 5th season of Sex & the City, which I actually watched the whole weekend.
      Good times! What is it that cheers you up always?

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en plus, Givenchy

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