Blue Stripes

    American Apparel: backpack, Cycle shorts and knit sweater, Topshop sandals
    American Apparel best team (Taghrid and Ruffie) and me went
    to Malibu beach to take some shoots. That was my first time in Malibu and I'm definitely
    visiting again. Everything was about the blue sky, the deep blue sea, and the beautiful and huge 
    houses. During the day, Orlando Bloom passed by(according to Ruffie), 
    we ate Italian food at a random beautiful restaurant in the way back, and just had a great talk about
    Paranormal Activity 2. Scary huh?
    I was shy when people were watching me from their roofs 
    during the shoots! However, we got some amazing photos, so it's worth it!
    Till tomorow!

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Blue Stripes

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